A Bunch Of Bull(s)

By: Melissa Stagnaro

A bunch of bull(s)

I’d like to file a complaint with Mother Nature. This is winter, is it not? What the heck is with the 50 degree rain?

I felt very prepared going into December. I dusted off my down jacket and stocked up on extra scarves and mittens. I even acquired a pretty snazzy hat to keep my ears warm. In the process, I packed away my umbrella. Apparently, that was a mistake.

I’ve been looking forward to snow shoeing and snowmobiling, but those hopes were dashed when I left my house yesterday morning. I couldn’t believe how much beautiful snow had melted over night.

I was a little cranky about the whole thing, I’ll admit. But thanks to the EPA, I now have someone (or something) to blame. Cow emissions. Apparently these flatulent, belching beasts are behind it all.

I’m all for placing blame, believe me. But this is ridiculous.

Is going after corporate polluters too much of a challenge for our federal regulators? Farmers probably do have fewer high power attorneys.


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