Warburton’s Third Book Is A Charm

By: Jeanie Petersen

Warburton’s third book is a charm

Mc DONOUGH – The new Calvary Community Center and McDonough Library hosted a presentation Oct. 17 of author Dustin Warburton and two illustrators, Jon Ed Bonfed and Ryan Paul Warner. Like the Three Musketeers, Dustin, Jon Ed and Ryan all grew up together at Genegantslet Lake in McDonough. Warburton, now visiting from Vermont, introduced the audience to, “My Brother Eats Spiders,” the most recent publication he and Bonfed produced.

“My Brother Eats Spiders” is a children’s book; quite a departure for Warburton. Dustin is the author of two other books, “Taste” and “Strange Things” both adult tales of terror! He was at home working on a sequel to “Taste,” along with his two sons ages six and two. Owen and Mason were bickering as kids often do, and it was distracting. Instead of it being a bad thing though, they got their father’s attention and the spider story just developed from there.

The children’s story is written from the perspective of Owen and the crazy antics of his younger brother Mason. The characters aren’t really Dustin’s boys, they were only the inspiration; which is a good thing because this is a tale of a little boy who likes to eat spiders! His older brother explains that he doesn’t know how or why he got started … he just does it. Youngsters are sure to enjoy the silly concept of a child who does something just for fun, without rhyme or reason, even if it’s considered “gross!”


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