Without Hope We’re All Doomed
Published: October 7th, 2008
By: Tyler Murphy

Without hope we’re all doomed

An $800 billion bailout has been passed. They tell me it’s for the good of us all, but somehow I’m not convinced. The United States of America just became the world’s largest insurance company.

So let me get this straight, the federal budget is over projection (like usual) causing the government to borrow billions from private investors adding to the national debt so ... didn’t we just spend $800 billion we didn’t have, borrowed from one private sector to pay another? Like the middleman that gets stuck with the bill – and the interest.

So the plan as I basically understand it is that if we spend, we stimulate; giving breaks to the rich will in theory trickle down to the commoners and socializing corporate America’s losses through government and the taxpayer is the best option for minimizing economic loss.

Of course all the problems that existed before our economic woes still loom and the failings of the system which we are still building upon form its foundation.

We’re still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and global warming scientists are still forecasting environmental catastrophe, social security is still terminally ill, 50 million Americans have no medical insurance (I’m raising my hand), education seems to have completely fallen off the radar, not to mention that civil liberties and personal freedoms are still shrinking.


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