Cash-strapped Drivers Grease Their Palms
Published: July 15th, 2008
By: Jim Mullen

Cash-strapped drivers grease their palms

Because of the high price of oil, there have been a string of unusual robberies across the country. Manhole covers are disappearing from city streets because the high price of scrap metal, all of which is going to China and India because the people are getting richer and buying cars. Guess where a lot of cities get their manhole covers made? That’s right, India.

Talk about the perfect crime, what could be an easier way to make $15 than to lug a 150-pound manhole cover 10 miles to the closest scrap-metal dealer who might not even take it? It sure beats working – that’s for suckers.

Since it can cost the city up to $500 to replace a manhole cover, maybe the best plan would be for the city to open a scrap-metal company that only takes manhole covers. Pay the thieves $15 for each manhole cover they steal, and save the city $485 a pop. We could arrest them, too. But then we’d have to pay for their lawyers, which would cost more than $15.


The Evening Sun

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