One Man’s Garbage Is Another Man’s Trash
Published: May 20th, 2008
By: Jim Mullen

One man’s garbage is another man’s trash

“Do you have any idea what this $10 bill is worth?”

“I have no idea. We never had it appraised. My dad gave it to me, like, a year ago. But it says 1973 on it, so it must be worth something. That’s why we brought it to ‘Antiques Sideshow.’”

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that at a well-advertised auction, it would bring in 10 dollars. Does that shock you?”

“Totally unbelievable! It’s amazing to think that something that old could be worth anything. My wife was going to throw it out, but I said, ‘Whoa, that might still be worth two or three bucks.”

“Now the bad news – it’s only worth 6.25 euros. Or to put it another way, if you had bought 10 euros with this in 2002, it would now be worth $16. Does that surprise you?”

“Well, I guess it does. What is a euro? Some kind of car?”

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“Thank you for coming. Now let’s go to Biff and Chad, the Furniture Twins, to see what they’ve discovered.”

“We’re here with Mavis Bucktooth and a Colonial highboy she’s brought in. Do you know anything about this piece, Mavis?”


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