Monument Missing From Mt. Upton Cemetery

By: Wilma Felton-Gray

Monument missing from Mt. Upton cemetery

MT. UPTON – On March 21, Tina and Ed Pabst went to visit the Maplewood Cemetery in Mt Upton to photograph a unique angel and found the historic figure had vanished without a trace. Upon returning home, the following were notified, Tom Gray, Guilford town historian and Rodney Schultes, the Maplewood Cemetery Association president. Schultes did not feel any family members had removed the angel for cleaning or repair. Upon hearing this, Schultes checked with the person who cares for the cemetery and was told the figure was definitely there at the last mowing in the fall of 2007. He followed up by going to the Chenango County Sheriff’s department and filing a police report.

The angel is a white bronze monument actually made of zinc. She sat on a base and stood approximately 40 inches tall total. With her haunting expression, hair in ringlets, and clasped hands, she was very special. The value is currently being determined and if and when person or persons are apprehended, the charges brought against them are based on the statue’s value. Anyone with any information is urged to call the Chenango County Sheriff’s Department.

Rebecca D.M. Todd photographer for Farmers Museum, Cooperstown, stated, “Tina and I refer to the angel as Mary and Minnie because in the cemetery she was flanked by identical right and left crosses bearing the names Mary (on the left) and Minnie (on the right). I have taken many photographs of Mary and Minnie. She has graced the cemetery for decades. Help us find Mary and Minnie and restore her to her sacred place.”


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