Property Tax Still Heart Of The Issue
Published: April 7th, 2008
By: Sen. James Seward

Property tax still heart of the issue

I have received a volume of mail recently concerning rising assessments, community revaluations, and the effect of inflated home assessments in a down market. Many want to know how the reassessments will affect their property taxes, and why they pay more taxes than a family across the street in a similar home -- but in another town or village.

While I have been working to ensure that the new state budget includes additional immeidate property tax relief in the form of property tax rebates, new aid for local schools, and restoring the governor’s cuts to counties that would have driven up property taxes, there is more to be done.

I remain committed to structural, genuine property tax relief and reform -- changing the way we pay for school expenses in particular and addressing higher and higher assessments that are driving taxes up and people out of their homes.

The people of the district tell me that property taxes are their number one concern, and fuel prices are right up there.

That’s why we must provide the solutions people need to bring down property taxes. Here are some possibilities.


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