What Does $5,500 A Night Get You?
Published: March 18th, 2008
By: Jim Mullen

What does $5,500 a night get you?

I just got back from a 50-year-long vacation on the dark side of the moon, and was shocked to find out that a politician was involved in sex scandal.

It seems the governor of New York had to resign after it was revealed that he’d been spending some quality time with a high-priced hooker in D.C.

I’ve learned to expect this sort of tawdry behavior from televangelists, pop stars, movie stars, truck drivers, lumberjacks, lawyers, farmers, writers, professors, doctors, motorcyclists, servicemen, contractors, consultants, IT technicians and musicians – but from a politician? When did that start? It’d be like finding out J. Edgar Hoover enjoyed wearing lacy panties under his suits.

It’s not even the sex, it’s the creepy-stupid factor that is so disturbing. Leaving New York City to find a hooker is like leaving Hawaii to find a nice beach. It’s just wrong. Yet people can’t get enough of it. Even the most straight-laced person I know wants to hear the juicy details.


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