Politics Can Wait, Family Can’t
Published: December 28th, 2007
By: Steven and Cokie Roberts

Politics can wait, family can’t

We were having dinner with two dear friends and the talk turned to family. Both had lost their fathers many years ago, and recently, both had nursed their mothers through final illnesses. With their youngest child away at college, they are truly alone, with no relatives nearby.

It’s strange, said the woman, to realize that you have nobody to take care of. And to be honest, the thought of no family obligations sounded pretty good for a moment, as we planned Christmas dinner for 50 (on top of the Hanukkah party for a similar number) and ordered so many presents the FedEx man was practically paying rent.

But the moment passed quickly. As 2008 dawns, we know we’re supposed to think (and write) about politics, but that can wait. This week is a time to focus on family and friends, not Mitt and Mike, and express gratitude for our blessings.

We start with our mothers. Lord willing, Lindy Boggs, Cokie’s mom, will turn 92 this year, and Dorothy Roberts will turn 89. They both live here now, in separate apartments just a few minutes from us, and to be honest (again), there are days when we fervently hope the ringing phone is not bringing news that one of them has lost her balance, or her keys, or her pills.


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