Punching The Clock: This Job Happens
Published: November 21st, 2007
By: Michael McGuire

Punching the Clock: This job happens

SHERBURNE – Randy Hill says telling jokes is a big part of his job.

He’s not a stand-up comedian. But Randy says he’s got to have a few laughs if he’s going to pump out septic tanks every day.

And when inspiration like this comes by the gallon, the disgusting and painfully obvious one-liners come by the thousands.

“I’ve heard them all,” the eight-year pumper man from Adsit’s Septic and Grading claims. “I’ve made up half of them myself.”

After sucking and back-flowing my first residential septic system, I too welcomed the healing power of comic relief.

But in all seriousness, Randy thinks laughter might be the difference between success and failure in this business.

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“You’ve got to have fun,” Randy said. “Otherwise, it might be too hard sometimes to be out here doing this.”

But being the septic guy isn’t so tough, he admits. For starters, being on his own all day – because no one else really wants to be his work partner for more than a few hours – is pretty sweet. Plus the Smyrna resident claims he’s got a great boss in owner Robert Adsit (you owe me for that, Randy). It doesn’t hurt that he likes his job, too.

“Everyone has their niche,” Randy said. “I guess this is mine.”


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