Excuse Me ... Diversity?
Published: November 1st, 2007
By: Shelly Reuben

Excuse me ... Diversity?

After a recent orgy of old movies, it suddenly dawned on me that upon our innocent little hearts and minds, once again, a linguistic hoax is being perpetrated.

What’s the word this time? Diversity.

Diversity this. Diversity that. Pushing it. Legislating it. Lording over we poor fools who don’t use the word in every other sentence as if we are the moral equivalent of one-celled organisms who haven’t quite made it yet out of the evolutionary swamp.

What the High Priests of diversity are not telling us, though, is: Diversity as opposed to ... what?

First, let’s look at the word itself. According to my Webster’s New International Dictionary, diversity means: “to give variety to.” Some synonyms are: Mixture. Assortment. Variety. Multiplicity.

Which begs the question—since when hasn’t the United States of Assimilation, with our colorful cacophony of national, racial, religious, and ethnic (whatever that means) backgrounds not exemplified “diversity?” In fact, until its recent usurpation by this now-omnipresent word, we, as a country, used to celebrate the magnificent mishmash of our ancestries by referring to ourselves, much more poetically, as a “melting pot.”


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