Chenango's Most Haunted: The Eaton Center

“It can get pretty spooky around here,” says John Nelson, referring to The Eaton Center in Norwich.

Nelson manages the former pharmacal company-turned-office building, and claims he’s heard all the tales surrounding its paranormal past and present; from less-than-pleasant encounters with barking ghost dogs – tested on in pharmacy labs in the 1940s and 50s – to the roaming spirits of long-dead construction workers who parished laying the building brick-by-brick.

He’s even had a few encounters of his own.

“It seems like everyone here has had some sort of experience,” he said. “Sometimes, it just feels like you’re not alone.”

More than a few members of night cleaning and security crews have walked off the job after seeing something they say is “unexplainable.”

“One of my maintenance guys was working in the basement and saw something behind him out of the corner of his eye. He figured it was one of us checking on him, but when he turned around a rush of cold air went right through him. There was nothing there,” Nelson explained. “He ran upstairs and he looked white as a sheet. He wouldn’t make something like that up.”

Several first floor tenants even claim to have developed a friendship with one of the spirits, whom they’ve dubbed “Alfred.”

“He’ll turn the lights on and off, or he’ll turn the radio on and put the volume all the way up. In one instance, I went to step back and felt a hand press on my back,” claims Linda Jones, who says Alfred seems friendly, and that she’s not afraid of him. “I just try to be nice to him.”

In light of these claims, The Evening Sun staff set out with two local spirit mediums to investigate buildings two and three of The Eaton Center, where the most ghost activity has been documented. We started with the numerous rooms and halls within the pitch-dark basement and worked our way up through the floors of old laboratories.



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