Oxford Makes Plans For Bicentennial
Published: September 17th, 2007
By: Jeanie Petersen

Oxford makes plans for bicentennial

 OXFORD – An initial organizational meeting to work on ideas for the 2008 Oxford Village Bicentennial celebration took place on Aug. 28. Held at Six On The Square, it was attended by Trustees of the Village Board; as well as the Mayor Terry Stark; Town Supervisor Lawrence Wilcox; and representatives of town groups. It was co-chaired by Trustees, Dale Leach and Joe Spence. The main purpose of the gathering was to generate enthusiasm and spread the word to all the community groups to “get involved.”

The time period suggested for the celebration was a kick-off in April then running through July 2008. The main events will be planned during the dates of July 21 to July 27.

The three main objectives of the Village Bicentennial Celebration are to:

1. Recognize the long history of the Village of Oxford.


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