Reach Out And Touch Someone

By: Jessica Lewis

Reach out and touch someone

It’s been strange living without a telephone for over a week. We moved last Monday and in all of the confusion and hassle that goes along with such a switch, the phone has yet to be turned on. I’m hoping that little snafu will be corrected today, and then, I’m going to have a lot to catch up on.

It wouldn’t be so bad living without a phone, I mean I still have my work phone and my cell, but in our current rural location, there is no possible chance of getting a cell phone signal and since the nearest neighbor still wouldn’t be able to hear my screams if I were attacked by a crazed maniac in the middle of the night, having a phone is like having a warm and fuzzy security blanket. It also helps that I sleep with a hammer under my pillow. My co-workers find this amusing, and Jill has told me countless times that one day I’m going to be woken up by a hammer blow to the face and the sound of my one-year-old giggling, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

It’s not like when I do have a phone I’m on it constantly, but with four sisters who call on a daily basis and a best friend whose wedding is only nine days away, I would say that my phone might ring more than most.



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