Guilford Historical Society Publishes New Book
Published: May 30th, 2007
By: Wilma Felton-Gray

Guilford Historical Society publishes new book

GUILFORD – Today, the hamlet of Yaleville in the township of Guilford is considered a Lost Hamlet. Most people call the area Route 38 or the Bainbridge – Guilford Road. As far back as 1800 settlement began with the arrival of the Yale family followed by the Cooper, Bradley, Wiley and other early pioneers. A church and a school were built and a post office was operated by Birdsall Yale. The blacksmith shop and the creamery added to this developing community. As the 1850’s arrived German immigrants settled and farmed in this fertile valley. Surrounding the heart of Yaleville were settlements that were considered part of the hamlet such as South Hill and Roots Corners. “Into the Valley of the Yales” covers some of the history that has never been published before.


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