City View Trailer Park Still A Mess

By: Jill Kraft

City View Trailer Park still a mess

NORWICH – The tenants moved out months ago, but the garbage, rats, junk and smell remain.

City View Trailer Park on Crandall Street in the Town of Norwich has seen its share of problems over the past year, but neighbors say even with the park closed, the problems linger.

Following severe septic problems in the park over a year ago, Town Supervisor David Law evicted all tenants. A total of eight residences were given a 30-day notice, and water was shut off at the park. Following the water being shut off, the sewage runoff ceased, and at least one problem was fixed for nearby homeowners. Neighbors say just weeks after the initial move, one family came back to the park and took up residence again. Nearby neighbor Tim Howe says the family did not stay gone long and illegally tapped a nearby well after living at the trailer without water for some time.

By the end of October, Law issued another 30-day eviction notice to the family residing at the park.

Currently the park is vacant, but the junk and stench still pose health and safety risks for the neighborhood, said Howe.

Howe said when he and his family moved in next to City View in 2000, the upkeep of the park was generally good. But over the years, conditions at the park steadily worsened, he said. “When the rats are coming onto my property and into my home, it has gone too far.” Howe said over the winter, he spent over $100 on rat poison alone.

Howe bought his home next to the park as a foreclosure and has spent the past seven years remodeling to the tune of $50,000 to $65,000– which now he says has been a waste since the park next door has dropped the market price for his home dramatically.



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