A true emergency program

Imagine one drug that would kill that headache. And fix your upset tummy. And help your breathing. And fill your bod with more energy. And cure your athletesí foot.

Imagine a program that would leak the air from the tires of a lot of the bad guys in this world.

The drug is unlikely. The program that would slow down the bad guys? That is possible.

Ask yourself, what do most of the bad guys have in common? Putin, for example. He is flexing Russiaís muscles once again. He has Russia meddling in the affairs of various small nations. He has Russia selling weaponry to Iran. And other countries that want to hurt us or wipe out Israel. He is punishing republics on his borders that donít kiss Russiaís backside.

Take Caesar Chavez, the whacky guy from Venezuela. He imports weaponry by the shipload. He threatens to stoke up trouble throughout Central and South America. He has labelled his country ďEnemy of the U.S.Ē

Take Iran, and its lunatic leader. And Syria. And the Palestinians whose idea of a Sunday picnic is to lob a few missiles at Israel. And the Saudis who fund hundreds of schools of hatred for Muslim kids. They are taught to hate the West and America.

Ask yourselves what these bad guys have in common. They make their money selling oil. They get money from countries that make money selling oil. Oil is the common denominator for most of the people who attack the West. If we were able to slash the world price for oil by 50 percent we would reduce the tensions of the world dramatically. We would starve them of money.

You might argue that the craziest of the fanatics are not linked to oil. Most of them are. Oil riches are the source of their funding.

Can anyone slash the price of oil in the world? We can. Of course we can. We donít try very hard. And when we do, we donít hang the ďUrgent!Ē sign on our projects.

We do not need to import one gallon of oil. Our coastal areas hold immense quantities of oil. But Greens keep us from drilling for it. The Gulf of Mexico holds immense quantities. The Greens keep our drilling to a minumum.

Alaska holds immense quantities of oil. As you know, the Greens have stopped drilling there.

Some of the resistance comes from those who feel they are protecting the environment by restricting drilling. Some comes from those who want to reduce our use of gasoline engines. They feel we have too many cars. Or that our cars should run on other fuels. Whatever their reason, they fight every attempt to open up areas for oil and gas drilling.

So, we can produce enough oil for America. What we lack is the will. At the same time we can reduce our use of oil by developing more alternate energy sources.

We - as a people - lack the will to end our purchases of foreign oil. (By the way, 90 percent of that oil is controlled by foreign governments.) We donít have enough will to stop the bickering and do what is necessary. No matter what our leaders may tell us, we refuse to see any urgency in this. And we lack leaders who will persuade us otherwise.

If Americans bought into a true emergency program to end our purchases of oil from abroad, a lot of the troublespots of the world would calm down. Iran and the Saudis would funnel less money to terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere. The Arabs would send less money for weapons to Israelís enemies. Putin would have fewer rubles to blackmail neighbors with. Chavez would be all talk and not much money for uprisings.

But for the moment, not many Americans have the will to bring this about. Not many feel any urgency to do so. Lots of villainous people feel they are at war with us. They have scads of oil money to fund their war. They have another luxury. Their enemy does not feel it is at war with them.

Ho hum.

From Tom... as in Morgan.

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