Off With His Head!

So now the Pope has to apologize. To savages.

I hope he knows the Latin for “Stuff it in your ear, dimwits.”

I’m sorry if my words offend you. They no doubt will upset the savages. After all, they froth at the mouth when they see a cartoon that shows Mohammed in less than flattering light.

They go berzerk when the Pope offers words from a midieval emperor. They clearly did not listen to their mothers. “Sticks and stones may break your bones ...”

The Pope’s words - nay, the long-dead emperor’s words - inspire the extremists to kill a nun. To torch some churches. To call for the beheading of the Pope.

Iran’s supreme leader tells us these words are links in the chain of U.S.-Israeli conspiracies aimed at creating conflicts between religions. Further links. Like the cartoons.

I’m sorry, but this guy is demented.

As is the notorious Muslim extremist who led demonstrations in London. He warned that those who insulted Islam would be “subject to capital punishment”. Folks, that means killed.

“The Muslims take their religion very seriously and non-Muslims must appreciate that and they must also understand that there may be serious consequences if you insult Islam and the prophet. Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment.”

Does this qualify as another fatwah?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if one of our “leaders” had the guts to take on these idiots and lob a few salvos back? How about the following:

“You accuse the Pope of creating conflicts between religions? Show us one thing, anything, you extremists have done in the last century to build bridges of understanding between religions. Give us a quote that does not threaten. Offer any comment you have made that does not pour gasoline on the fire. And while you’re at it, when is the last time the Pope called for a beheading? Or declared a country must be wiped from the map?

“You take your religion very seriously? We take our freedoms and customs very seriously. We’ve spilt a lot of blood getting them and protecting them.

“You warn us there will be serious consequences if we insult Islam? There will be serious consequences if you continue - on our soil - to threaten us or our leaders. You are guests on our soil. You had better learn to behave a little better than baboons.

“If you make threats in our country you will be tossed in jail and deported. If you carry placards about beheading, you will go to jail. If you want to behave as savages, do so outside this country.”

What is unreasonable about remarks like this? This is exactly how our “leaders” would speak if Catholics torched an art gallery that features a portrait of the Virgin Mary splattered with feces.

Suppose a Christian mob attacked a Hollywood studio. Because one of its movies lampooned their religion. Can’t you just hear the judge? And the local politicians? Imagine their language. Now imagine them using the same words to address the savages who are calling for the Pontiff’s head - literally.

It won’t happen. Our “leaders” are frightened. And too many of them are not willing to stand up for our laws, our customs, our liberties, our traditions.

Responsible Muslim leaders should be standing up to these savages. They won’t. They fear for their lives. Throughout Europe and America leaders refuse to stand up to these guys. Instead, they apologize.

Apologize. The Pope and others should be saying in every language on earth: Stick it in your ears, savages.

From Tom ... as in Morgan.

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