Broken Chain, Broken Lives
Published: August 15th, 2006
By: Jim Mullen

Broken chain, broken lives

Paris Hilton got this letter in 2001 and mailed it to 20 of HER FRIENDS. Before she knew it, she was wealthy and famous without even trying. Oh right, she was already wealthy without even trying. Believe in the Power of the Chain. The Power of the Chain is STRONG. Send no money.

• In 2004, Britney Spears received this letter, but thought she no longer needed the Power of the Chain. She threw this letter away. The very next day she married Kevin Federline and the aromas that are married to him. Within a year, her friends had left her and her career was in the toilet. She did not believe in the Power of the Chain. If you know her, please send her another copy of this letter.

• Mel Gibson got this letter in late July and forgot where he put it. He can’t remember. SEND NO MONEY! YET! Mel is desperately looking for that letter right now. He thinks it might have been stolen by a Jew. Or someone who sat through “Man Without a Face.” The Power of the Chain is Strong.


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