One For The Road Gets A Trooper For A Chaser
Published: August 7th, 2006
By: Sen. James Seward

One for the road gets a trooper for a chaser

It’s unbelievable. In light of all of the public campaigns against drunken driving, people are still arrested each and every week for driving while intoxicated. Factor in an accident, and you raise the possibility of death and serious injury to innocent victims of drunken drivers. Recent arrests of celebrities for drunken driving highlight the dangers posed by those who get behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Ending the danger of drunken driving motivated the state senate this year to crack down on drunken drivers by increasing the penalties for DWI offenders with extremely high blood alcohol content (BAC), ensuring that repeat DWI offenders are kept off the road, and increasing the penalties for drunken drivers who kill others.

The DWI legislation, S.8232, would:

• Toughen penalties for high BAC offenders – Creates the crime of aggravated DWI for drunken drivers with a blood alcohol content of .18 or higher who operate motor vehicles, punishable by up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine of $1,000-$2,500; increases penalties for offenders convicted of aggravated DWI; requires aggravated DWI offenders to have an ignition interlock system installed on their vehicle while on probation.


The Evening Sun

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