Learner’s Permit To Kill
Published: June 13th, 2006
By: Jim Mullen

Learner’s permit to kill

By Jim Mullen

NEA Columnist

Remember when James Bond out-golfed Goldfinger by one stroke? Bond never practiced, but he played golf like a pro. I play golf twice a week, and I get worse.

Bond walks through the Q’s laboratory, picks up the latest gadget and knows how it works instantly - without ever having read the manual. I can’t even do something on my cell phone with the instructions in front of me.

It takes me 15 minutes in a rental car to figure out how to turn on the lights and the radio and adjust the seats. Jimmy B jumps into the world’s newest and most sophisticated fighter jet and, never having seen it before, he flies it like a Blue Angel.

Yes, I hate him.


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