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Shayne on You: Space, the final frontier

Dear Maggie, My new marriage is great, and I’m still madly in love with my wife. But I’m missing my alone ..

Shayne on You: Trust that the universe will provide

Dear Maggie, I don’t have enough money, and I don’t see any way I can make any more. I’m working as ..

Shayne on You: Mom lives in a bed of her own making

Dear Maggie, My mother lives in squalor. I don’t know what to do about it. She’s a wonderful woman, but she’s ..

Shayne on You: You're not a party pooper!

Dear Maggie, My mom and dad have a lot of friends, a lot of relatives, and a lot of fun. Most ..

Shayne on You: I don't need you to make me happy

Dear Maggie, Several of my good friends plan to go to one of the gang’s house for a get-together one day ..

Shayne on You: Do the mental work first

Dear Maggie, I can’t seem to lose any weight. I’ve tried one diet after another, and they don’t work – or ..

Shayne on You: Negative emotions can be hazardous to your health

Dear Maggie, I’m at my wit’s end. My husband is just not very nice to me. He says he loves ..

Shayne on You: Can you unfriend relatives?

Dear Maggie, My family is having a meltdown and it’s all because of Facebook! It all started when one of my ..

Don’t push your guy to the altar

Dear Maggie, I don’t think my boyfriend is ever going to propose. We’ve been “dating” for three years now, and things ..

Shayne on You: Guess who's not coming to dinner?

Dear Maggie, Help! My fiance wants nothing to do with my family! Okay, so at the beginning they hated ..

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A True Late-in-life Love Story
A true late-in-life love story

Shayne On You: I Don't Need You To Make Me Happy
Shayne on You: I don't need you to make me happy

Shayne On You: Internet Affairs Can Be Really Dangerous
Shayne on You: Internet affairs can be really dangerous

Shayne On You: Artificial Tree, Artificial Christmas?
Shayne on You: Artificial tree, artificial Christmas?

Shayne On You: Start Telling A New Story
Shayne on You: Start telling a new story

Shayne On You: Stick With The Good Hair Day
Shayne on You: Stick with the good hair day

Shayne On You
Shayne on You

Shayne On You: Can True Love Conquer Distance?
Shayne on You: Can true love conquer distance?

Don’t Push Your Guy To The Altar
Don’t push your guy to the altar

Shayne On You: Spicing Up A Marriage
Shayne on You: Spicing up a marriage

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