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The happy ending: A poem by Shelly Reuben

A pixie, a fairy, a sprite and an elf Assembled with tremulous fear A crises arisen now had to be faced – For ..

Mrs. Penny’s Girl Scouts

I was born after the era when movie stars sparkled on the silver screen, bigger, brighter, and more glamorous than ..

A Poem: I have recently learned

By Shelly Reuben I have recently learned, I’m embarrassed to say (And in knowing I’m now panic-stricken) Of the arduous trials in the ..

View from the Top of the Stairs

My little guy’s name is Homer, and he is a ferret. His name could just as easily be Rover or Lassie, ..

Nothing Works … Everything Works

A lover dreams that he’ll be loved; He plans and plots and schemes. He writes his sweetheart poems in Pursuance of his dreams. ..

Condolence Call: A Short Story by Shelly Reuben

Old guys like me fall in love at least once a week. It is a harmless occupation more akin to ..

So you want strong women? Read Edna Ferber

This saga recounts my quest to find a novel that could grab my attention like a hand gripping my throat ..

Hyacinth - A Short Story

A short story by Shelly Reuben June 1, 2018 Hyacinth was 20 years old when ..

The book tour diet

Is it a pleasure, or is it a pain… The launch of a brand new book? Regardless of which (for me it’s ..

Sue Grafton – End of an Alphabet

I usually keep my two careers somewhat divided. As a mystery novelist, I write about crime, motive, and opportunity. As a ..

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Magical Binoculars
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Not Exactly Lassie
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Coconut Hairs In My Mouth
Coconut hairs in my mouth

The Mouse And The Cake
The Mouse and the Cake

Review; Atlas Shrugged: The Movie, Part I
Review; Atlas Shrugged: The Movie, Part I

My Secretary Can Beat Up Your Administrative Professional
My Secretary can beat up your Administrative Professional

Fire Safety Will Improve Your Sex Life
Fire safety will improve your sex life

A Big Truck And A Little Gnome With Cookies
A big truck and a little gnome with cookies

So You Want To ...
So you want to ...

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