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The Happy Store: End of Day. End of Season

FICTION – By Shelly Reuben A confrontation in the parking lot marks Clementine’s 26th ..

The Happy Store – Once Upon a Duckling

(Fiction) Clementine encounters the soft side of a goddess in her 24th Adventure. Not for the first time, Clementine Fraile wished she ..

The Happy Store – The Hour Glass

The Sands of Time play an important part in Clementine’s 23rd Adventure. That day, Clementine Fraile was working with Harriet, the ..

The Happy Store – Princess Ioana

Royalty, or the illusion thereof, inhabits The Happy Store in Clementine’s 21st adventure She never said her name was Anastasia. ..

The Happy Store: The Invisible Hand

Clementine experiences a timely sleight of hand in her 20th adventure at The Happy Store Clementine Fraile had come to think ..

The Happy Store: The Papasan Chair

An elderly man, a brief delusion, and Clementine’s 17th adventure at The Happy Store. That day at The Happy Store was ..

The Happy Store: The Break Room

FICTION – by Shelly Reuben. May 10, 2019 Lights! Camera! Action! Clementine Fraile recalled those words from countless Hollywood movies ..

The Happy Store: The Tiara and the Nativity, part 1

Clementine deals with a diadem and bad art in her 13th Adventure at The Happy Store. Clementine Fraile knew that Christmas ..

The Happy Store – Military Discount

Three unforgettable strangers enter The Happy Store for Clementine’s 11th Adventure. It was a day at The Happy Store like any ..

The Happy Store – Murder, My Sweetheart

Clementine Fraile’s old boss needs her help in this ninth adventure at The Happy Store. Once upon a Clementine, she was ..

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