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Freedom for kids

A 27-year-old counselor for convicted youth offenders told me the other day that experts in her field are concluding that ..

Son home

I suppose a 20-something son would feel awkward around his mom no matter how hard she tried to speak his ..

The office

I am ashamed to say since I began working from home, my closet has become my office. I seem to ..

Send over the pie

I've always said I must have been a truck driver in a former life due to my love for pie ..


If you’re lucky, one day your kids will take up housekeeping in a home of their own and rid your ..

To thee I shred

You know you’ve been married for a long time when your husband thinks giving you your very own shredder is ..

Muddled in Upstate

I am constantly bombarded with new trends in food, fashion, social media and entertainment, as well as world news and ..

Green pastures

As my meandering days shorten and sleepy nights lengthen, I’m thankful for mere comfort. The spring-fed stream trickling through the ..

Five day flowers

The garden club picnic was an annual rite of summer in my family and my how we hated it, Dad ..

The caboose

The class orator at my daughter’s graduation last year used preschool lines as an analogy that both leading and pushing ..

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