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Off the map: It all comes crashing down

(This guest feature is a first person account of the mudslideson January 9, at Montecito, California.) I dropped the shovel, even ..

Off the Map: Week Fourteen: And In Conclusion...

In the barren reaches of western Utah, far from absolutely anywhere, clear water flows from caves at the foot of ..

Off The Map Week Thirteen: A bridge too far

And then there was one. All the other western state high-points had left their mark on me. Elbert. Whitney. Kings. Wheeler. ..

Off The Map Week Twelve: Parched for Glory

Three miles down the trail, I finally noticed my water bottle was missing. That wasn’t good, especially when my intention ..

Off The Map: Week Eleven, At the boundaries of reason

It was the moment of truth… or at least a compelling approximation of the truth. I had wrapped my right ..

Off the Map week Nine: Tangled up in Twilight

Deerflies pelted the window of the Dodge Nitro, throwing their bodies at the glass with full force as if they ..

Off The Map, Week nine: Night Rider

Once the last of the 165 horses drifted out of Robie Park and the clouds of dust began to settle ..

Week Eight: Rainchecked

Raspberries, strawberries, huckleberries, wild currants… the amount of fruit flourishing between the boulders in this avalanche zone was staggering. I ..

Week seven: Watching the sparks fly

Three days until the Fourth of July, and already someone had burned their garage down. Firework madness had overtaken the ..

Week Six: Deadfall

“Looks like you’ll be driving into a storm.” remarked the carpenter. Sure enough, the skies to the west seemed ready to ..

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Week 10: Molas Pass to Estes Park

Off The Map Week 8: Worth A Toenail
Off the Map Week 8: Worth a toenail

Week 8: The Breaking Point
Week 8: The Breaking Point