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Former Evening Sun editor recalls 9/11 in the newsroom

To say that it was a beautiful September morning like any other sounds cliché now, but that’s exactly what it ..

I did it my way ...

And now, the end is near ... And so I face the final curtain ... Driving into the Lackawanna Avenue parking ..

'The Man With The Glass Heart'

After doing this job for two decades, there aren’t too many “firsts” left. I’d like to thank Shelly Reuben for ..

Walking the line

“Everyone knows The Evening Sun is a Republican newspaper.” “Don’t trust the liberal media.” Two reader comments, as far apart on the ..

Swelby, new local online network, launches today

NORWICH – Today’s the day ... the much-anticipated launch of Swelby, a new social network designed to bring consumers and businesses ..

The end of Progress, the end of an era

Today marks the 9th and 10th, the final installments in our Progress Chenango 2013 edition. The multi-section comprehensive annual look ..

Making Progress every day

The one constant in this world, we are reminded every day, is change. Change was everywhere in 2012, both right ..

A spoonful of sugar

Often in my travels about town I’m asked, “What can Organization X do to get more/better coverage in your paper?” ..

Time to get smart about the flu

There’s a martyr in every office. You know, the person who dutifully reports for work day in and day out, ..

Now that’s funny ...

You’re going to make me write about “Kit & Carlyle” again, aren’t you? I’d hoped that I could sneak through a couple ..

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