Evening Sun Daily Archive; Aug 1, 2014

Authorities: Heroin Found On CCCF Inmate

NORWICH – 28-year-old Conroy F. Robinson, who has been held at the Chenango County Correctional Facility since his arrest on ..

Health Department Warns That Bed Bugs Are On The Rise

CHENANGO COUNTY – The Chenango County Public Health Department is warning residents of a growing problem in the area and ..

Authorities, Others, Discuss Dangers Of Leaving Pets And Children In Cars

CHENANGO COUNTY – As summer progresses, it’s important to know the dangers of leaving a pet or child unattended in ..

Changing Lives Abroad: Sherburne Native Leaves A Buoyant Mark In Southeast Asia

CAMBODIA – It was in Cambodia in 2009 when former Sherburne resident Cathleen Angelo said she found her purpose in ..

Stress-free Opening Round For Burrell-Dawson

PLYMOUTH – Longtime partners Matt Burrell and Craig Dawson usually play pretty loose on the golf course. Not much bothers ..

United Way Announces Annual Day Of Caring Date

NORWICH – For years, the Chenango County United Way (CUW) has been there to assist a myriad of community members ..

Ice Cream And Music Ring In Centennial Celebration

NORWICH – City residents are invited to enjoy an evening of sweets and neighborly love as the year-long celebration of ..

Away From The Tyranny Of The Self

By Kathryn Lopez NEA Columnist "Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency," the late poet Maya Angelou reflected in ..

Future Generations Will Ask: Why Didn't Congress Impeach Obama When It Could?

How will future generations look back on our gravest national emergency of all time? And how will they regard what ..

Sleep, Sleep... Glorious Sleep

By Rachel Ballin Contributor What is the number one thing I miss most about my life pre kiddos - sleep, slumber, rest! ..

DVD Patrol: The Other Woman, Bad Words, Lucy

By Todd Campbell Contributor Time for some more fun, Patrollers! The Toddster has finally done it and caught a movie in the ..