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"MFN still blowing leftist commie hot air. He and his commie friends here should go out and wave the red hammer and cycle for the 4th of July. Joe Stalin would be proud of you."

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"must be we can only comment on certain articles printed in the paper. I've tried commenting on the "charges dropped by another state" article referred by CLEANUP CHENANGO. but I guess we cant converse on matters so close to where we live"
lil lil
I'm not sure why you're unable to comment on an article itself. I'll reach out to our IT Department and see if something is up.

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"007 Shouldn't that be. My group and I?"
man from outside chenango county

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"Thanks to our bleeding heart liberal Governor. A republican would take all these privileges away from prisoners and go back to the 23hr a day lock down,no TV,Radio,News,Commissary, once a month visits,censored mail, & 2000 calorie diets for inmates. That's right I said it lets bring back the days of Alcatraz to all prisons in this country."
Man from North Norwich

Thursday, July 2nd

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"Just got back from the Concert in the Park! What a fun evening. Great music, FREE FOOD, large happy group of folks having a great time and the weather was perfect. Thanks NBT for a wonderful time. Did you see Jupiter and Venus in the sky tonight? What a sight! KayDee"

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"I live in New Berlin, me and my group are voting Joe all the way."

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"Crude goes down gas prices go up, must be The Fourth of July. Thieves."
Man from Norwich

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"Man from Norwich the Right is what is wrong with 'Murica."
Man from Norwich

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"Some people are over reacting to the same sex marriage deal. Whether the guy next door to me marries a woman or a man, it doesn't change my daily life one bit. So why should I care? "
Winter forest

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"Homosexuallity and all old laes in the old testement: Romans 10:4 says that Christ is the end of the law. Which is probably why most Christians today eat meat, use credit cards, wear makeup, and support equality for women. Because, as Hebrews 8:13 says, "the old law is obsolete and aging.""
Man from Norwich

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"“There is nothing wrong in America that can't be fixed with what is right in America.” Happy 4th to all!"
Man from Norwich

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""Did you know the White (House) has NEVER been lit up with colors before? Not even red,white and blue." You really worry about the big things lol. Get a grip on yourself. It was just a few lights that marked the end of another era of American bigotry."

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""Let me know where in the Constitution it says Gay marriage is OK." Where does it say anything about marriage? The constitution isn't a one stop shop. You're really bringing the comedy this week :)"

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""Have you heard about a guy (with a hidden camera) asking Muslim bakers (plural) to make a gay wedding cake?" You're really worked up over this. If you just don't discriminate you're covered. It's the law. Get over it."

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"Chenango County just like everywhere else has had drug problems since I can remember. How do you think Obama was elected? Why do the good old boys keep getting elected. By the way how many of the others besides Hill and Bill still smoke Pot?"
man from outside chenango county

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