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Saturday, August 29th

2 3
"President Obama is quite sane, unlike his predecessor, George W. Bush ."
Man from Preston

2 3
"B12: Mexican immigrants are vital to the U.S. economy, contributing about 4 percent to GDP. Undocumented workers contribute about $15 billion a year to Social Security through payroll taxes. They only take out $1 billion (very few undocumented workers are eligible to receive benefits). "
Man from Norwich

2 3
"It is so kind of the Norwich gas thieves to lower there gas prices to $2.45 per Gal when it is $2.15 every where else. Thieves common thieves."
Man from Norwich

2 4
"WFN: there have been numerous gun laws since Columbine all of which have not been effective because they target innocent and honest people. Still no funding for mental health or banning of violence in the media (television,video games etc etc),no progress in drug related violence and public officials fostering racial hate."
Man from Norwich

1 4
"Guns don't people. People kill people. You have to teach people to love not hate. Put the psycho crazies back in mental institutions instead of on the streets. Bring back the death penalty."

0 4
"Schools open next week. Give your child a Bible to take to school. Best reading material they can have."
man from outside chenango county

Friday, August 28th

1 15
"@Cameron: One failed attempt at a shoe bomb, and we all have to take our shoes off at the airport. 31 school shootings since Columbine and no change in the regulation of guns.If this is not insanity, then I don't know what is."
Woman from Norwich

10 6
"What I want is Obama and his minions gone forever and replaced with a sane American president. I want an end to illegal immigration. Illegals need to be sent back where they came from. Illegal alien criminals should be returned to their country or thrown in jail . I want a wall built along the southern border. I want Americans to have good jobs."

3 13
"Thumbs up to secession rally... SERIOUSLY? Just what we need, gun nuts, fracking nuts, Tea Partiers and right wing nuts gathered together. Let them secede far, far away from the rest of us who don't want their insanity negatively impacting our lives. I might suggest Texas as a destination."
Woman from Norwich

3 10
"WFN Melissa has years more experience writing. I was sad to see her leave the ES staff. I found the article to be well written, accurate and informative. "
Woman from Norwich

10 5
"Whether guns are outlawed or not people will still have access to them, only the law abiding citizens will be the ones to pay the price."

12 9
"I'd rather see your series written by one of your own reporters who actually lives here and knows what they;re talking about."
Woman from Norwich

4 18
"Higher taxes = higher quality of life."
Man from Norwich

11 16
""Don't white lives matter?" Did someone state otherwise?"

7 17
"@Cameron: Wouldn't journalists Parker and Ward still be alive if the self proclaimed "powder keg" had not had access to a gun?"
Woman from Norwich

19 14
"I am curious as to why the shooting of the two white news people by a black hate filled killer is not being called a hate crime by the news media or possibly an act of terrorism. Don't white lives matter?"
Man from Norwich

14 12
"don't you think Melissa should at least be in Chenango county while she was writing this? Yes there is a BIG drug issue in Norwich and seems to only swell with the influx of people being brought here from NYC and other larger communittees. "
Woman from Norwich

11 10
""B12 Prey tell; what do you want?" - mainly attention would be my guess...."

8 16
"Since the Ashley Madison scandal broke, I have noticed a distinct lack of condemnation from you rightwing christians. Where are all the youtube hate videos against the subscribers practicing adultery? Where are the droves of protestors picketing AshleyMadison.com like Planned Parenthood? "
Man from Norwich

Thursday, August 27th

9 12
"B12 Prey tell; what do you want? "
Man from Norwich

15 2
"Thank you Melissa, very informative article about our county's drug issues. Look at the bottom of the on-line edition and it has already started a dialog. Keep up the good work!"
Man from Norwich

11 6
"Is it really in your readers best interest to "showcase" a tobacco shop? Is it truly a desirable destination? I might suggest some tobacco cessation education articles instead."
Woman from Norwich

11 14
""The greediest of the greedy are those who milk the Public Sector and reap the benefits of Public Pensions that are not commensurate with the work they do." - No, the greediest of the greedy are those multinational corporations that have been sucking off the taxpayers and disenfranchising & Vilifying the common citizen worker. "

13 14
"Socialism and the democrats have ruined this country. Socialism has left us 20 trillion in debt. More people on welfare than ever before. 92 million people unemployed and out of work. Devalued the dollar so that it buys nothing. And still the delusional democrats want more free stuff. The interest on the debt is kiliing us."

12 16
"While Democrats, for all their problems, still mostly seem like adults, the GOP has become the party of infantile rage."
Man from Norwich

12 15
"So Trump picked up support from David Duke. This should tell everyone something. I now wonder what his take is on education?"
man from outside chenango county

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