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"Welcome to New York, where it is OK to have solar farms litter our hillsides but cheat a longtime job creator out of their natural gas feed from a pipeline that would've had a factory run on cleaner energy sooner."
Route 80

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"pages are only half size after the advertising page"

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"The next time you are in the hospital, make sure you get your pain medication and the nurse doesn't take them! And I've heard this isn't the only place in town that girl did that."
Woman from Norwich

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""Democrat dummies I was a history major in college" - Your endless childlike oratory doesnít seem like something that would come from anyone near college age yet. "

5 9
"B12 loves to project, just like Drumpf!"

6 10
"B12 A college history major, that among other things, makes numerous grammatical errors."

6 7
""I was a history major in college" Clown college doesn't apply here."
Man from Norwich

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"It looks to me like the improvements to the NYS Fair are to benefit one entity and only one and that is the NYS Police with respect to crowd or riot control."
Man from Norwich

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"Trump for president and Clinton for prison."

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"The tax paying public absolutely has a right to know what's going on with the local PD. Unfortunately non disclosure by the city and the PD is part of the corruption.Likewise,it is a tremendous failure on behalf of the paper for not or being unable to report it."
Man from Norwich

3 5
"somebody please fix the print edition"
Man from Norwich
It's working alright on our end - what issues are you experiencing?

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"Democrat dummies I was a history major in college. Go read a book about history yourself."

22 13
"The demoncrat/socialist/communists here have crawled out from under there rock to spew their propaganda today. These psychos can not stand an opposing opinion that disagrees with their little minds. They love their crooked Hillary Clinton who is worse than Al Capone. Vote for your criminal crooked party."

24 4
"Very disappointed in the 50 million worth of improvements to theNYS FAIR. They are really stretching it calling it improvements. Thanks for nothing Cuomo."
Man from Norwich

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"It's sad that in our community a couple bad cops can ruin the reputation of what was an awesome Police Dept. The tax-paying public has the right to know what is going on with the current issues. The bad ones need to be removed, just as they would in any non-civil service job. Unfortunately,the good ones either have or are moving elsewhere."
Woman from Norwich

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""Man from New Berlin I thought the purpose was to bring in outsiders to spend money in Chenango County. I didn't realize your county didn't want us there." True, but we'll make an exception in your case. "
Woman from New Berlin

14 21
"It's not so much Trump himself that is so frightening, although he is, but rather the horrific people who have crawled out from under their rocks to support him. The same people who will be whining they "want their country back" when he loses."
Man from Norwich

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"Would the store north of town put the store south of town out of business?"
Man from Norwich

15 8
"do us all a favor and please stay outside Chenango County." Man from New Berlin I thought the purpose was to bring in outsiders to spend money in Chenango County. I didn't realize your county didn't want us there. "
man from outside chenango county

15 1
"NPD needs an overhaul. And by that i mean start with Mr. Excessive Force & Mr. Steroids. Put the best one back on the streets #MakeNorwichSafeAgain"
Woman from Norwich

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"What's the latest on the officer that repeatedly uses excessive force and beating up the poor guy at the library? Is he going to continue his crazy antics unpunished? It'll be someone's life next time I'm afraid."
Man from Norwich

Thursday, August 25th

11 24
Woman from New Berlin

12 23
"B12 go back to your bunker."

12 24
""B12 if you talk like a fascist/racist and embrace the fascist/racist philosophy, then you are a fascist/racist. You want to be called a conservative but you are really a fascist/racist but you may not even know it because you have been brainwashed by the fascist media.Someday you may learn what it is to be an independent thinker!"

11 24
"canít reason with a sick mind. "

13 23
"B12/paulrevere/right wing nutter - you clearly know nothing about communism. Do yourself a favor and open a history book. Do yourself another favor and take your meds."
Man from Norwich

10 8
"Norwich PD are too busy trying to pick up the girls in the bars instead of enforcing what's going on in them. I've seen several just hang out in the park with the drunks and inside the bars for hours flirting recently. Don your jobs! It's our tax dollars, not at work."
Man from Norwich

26 14
"The average ignorant liberal thinks that communism does not exist in the USA. Liberals actually know little or nothing about Marxism or communism. Communism infiltrated the liberal movement many years ago. It has corrupted US institutions including the schools. Marxism is alive and getting stronger. Marx hated religion. "

13 6
""Way to many drunks at Blues fest this year too." Man from Outside Chenango County, do us all a favor and please stay outside Chenango County."
Man from New Berlin

25 15
"WFN if you talk like a commie and embrace the commie philosophy, then you are a commie. You want to be called a liberal but you are really a commie but you may not even know it because you have been brainwashed by the liberal news media which has been communist for years. But when you call us right wing nuts that is ok."

6 24
"Heard the new car wash south of town should be open in about 3 weeks!!! Can't wait."

11 26
"Dear Dear Paulrevere: Louisiana had enough problems to deal with without the hassle of security issues. They stayed away as requested. And as far as the Pres playing golf??? How dare he!!! LOL. so get on your horse and ride...see you at the polls!:) "

25 12
"Looks like the gov. made that announcement after Trump said he was going. Both announced the same day."

15 27
"B12 I, for one, am sick to death of you calling anyone who holds different views than you a "commie". McCarthyism has no place in this day and age. You are a small-minded bigot, plain and simple."
Woman from Norwich

23 13
"I wonder the date the request for Obama not to go was? I think it was after people talking about why Obama wasn't there."

25 13
"Norwich PD needs to better monitor the drinking establishments. Servers should also be arrested for serving people that are drunk. The life they save may be a family member. Way to many drunks at Blues fest this year too."
man from outside chenango county

9 27
""The democrats must be paying him plenty for the propaganda he puts out here." The Alien Overlord doesn't pay great but he does give a generous company match so my 401k looks great. I'm thinking about applying over at the Illuminati for better hours and pay. Derp "

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