Donít shoot the messenger

For all of humankindís so-called ďsuperiorĒ intelligence, creativity and technological wizardry, itís downright amazing how illogical and ignorant (not to mention just plain stupid) we can be on a regular, day-to-day basis. Iím reminded of the old adage, you know the one, open mouth and insert foot, and personally, I think weíd save ourselves a lot of time and trouble if we were wise enough to think before we speak, yet time and time again thatís simply not the case.

Myself? Well, letís just say that Ė as a staff writer for our hometown daily Ė this is something Iím forced to deal with far too often, from those wishing to keep their name out of the Police Blotter to those who happen to disagree with any number of my personal opinions, many times put to print right here in my weekly column for The Evening Sun.

As far as the blotterís concerned, itís actually quite simple (and Iíve been over this repeatedly with certain individuals). Donít want your name in the paper? Donít get arrested.

Unfortunately, we have an ever-growing population (or so it seems) of miscreants who Ė for some unknown reason Ė canít keep themselves out of trouble. Whether itís petit larceny, violating a city ordinance (typically of the noise variety), driving while intoxicated or my personal favorite, ďalleged domestic dispute,Ē this area has a veritable ďhall of fameĒ when it comes to repeat offenders.

Some days, Iím tempted to write a book about it, a kind of Evening Sun Police Blotter ďgreatest hits,Ē so to speak.

Like I have the time, right?

As for this, my weekly column, well, some people canít seem to get it through their head that everyone Ė and I mean everyone Ė is entitled to their opinion ... even me. The sad part is, there are a lot of ďexpertsĒ out there who live by the ďyour opinion may not be wrong, but I know mine is rightĒ creed. Try having an intelligent debate (something Iíve always enjoyed ... if itís intelligent) with someone whoís utterly convinced their view of things is 100 percent correct, 100 percent of the time, and you know what I mean. Itís like talking to a doorknob, the kitchen table or (insert your favorite inanimate object here).

In other words, thereís no use and itís an exercise in futility, if you get my meaning.

But what really gets me, that which causes me to lose sleep, wake up grainy-eyed and desperate for that first cup of coffee before making my way to the office, are those people who canít seem to get a grip on the fact that Ė just because I write about it Ė doesnít mean I agree, disagree or (at times) could even care.

To clarify ... writing a ďnewsĒ story, one that Ė in no way, shape or form Ė includes my personal opinion, isnít something I do for fun (although I do love my job), itís what Iím paid to do. And over the past two years, Iíve (as far as I can tell) consistently covered any number of topics, organizations and events with as unbiased a view as possible, no matter my true feelings on the matter.

Regardless, the point Iím trying to get across is quite simple, really, whether youíd rather your name not appear in our daily Police Blotter, you happen to think my weekly column is pure drivel or youíre convinced my ďnewsĒ offerings are rife with bias and favoritism.

Donít shoot the messenger.

After all, Iím only doing my job.

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